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Advantage of Email

The advantage of email is:

Productivity tools:

(Advantage of email) Email is usually packaged with a calendar, address book, IM (instant messaging ), and more for convenience and productivity.

A valid Email is required to access the web services:-(Advantage of email)

From shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart. Email is required for social networking sites like Facebook.

Easy mail management:(Advantage of email)

Email service providers have tools that allow you to file, label, prioritize, find, group, and filter your email for easy management. you can even easily control spam or junk email.

Privacy:(Advantage of email)

Your email is delivered to your own personal and private account with the password required to access and view emails.

Accessible anywhere at any time:(Advantage of email)

You don’t have to be at home to get your mail. you can access it from any internet-enabled computer or mobile.

The image illustrates the advantage of email over the traditional mail system with reference to parameters like time for delivery and the content in a delivery. To summarize, Email is the most secure and fastest way for communication that is promptly accepted in global communication.

Componennts of e-mail service 

The components required for the proper function of email services are,

Email Server:-(Advantage of email)

it is either a public server or a private (Corporate) server. The core difference is that the public email server is administrated and managed by the internet companies like Google, Yahoo, etc.,  while the Corporate or private server is managed and administrated by in house administrator’s Team.

The various protocols used for email services are:

  • For outgoing emails – SMTP

    That is a simple mail transfer Protocol.

  • For Incoming Emails -POP3 

       That is post office protocol version- 3 or IMAP4- That is internet mail access protocol version 4.

To access the emails store on the email server, the user has 2 options 

  • Either the user can access emails by using webmail.
  • OR The user can install an email client software based on the Operating system used by the user which can be windows, Linux, or Mac based.

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