Connecting job services pvt ltd is real or fake

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Friends, if I talk about this company, this company is fraud. And if I am already telling this thing, then why and how this company is fraud, read the full blog to know about it.It is true that the company is registered but it is only on paper, in fact it is not anywhere. Friends, we made a video a few days ago about the Fraud job and we also created a Telegram Group to listen to the problem of people.And there some people told us that a WhatsApp message came to them where they will get work from home and data entry. And you also know that in this lockdown everyone needs jobs and everybody wants to do the job. So that they get a job sitting at home. And he could earn some money. And then this company did that they took his Aadhar card card from him and signed a paper and asked for his photo. And they did not even tell them about any agreement. And gave them the work of about 600 data entry. This work was so much that no one can complete it in 6 days. And now the problem was that when people refused to work, they said that they have made an agreement with us and if you break it.You have to pay 6000 rupees only then we will give you NOC (No Objection Letter) letter. And then he joined the KAMALDNP Telegram Group and survived this fraud. I told them clearly that none of you will give them even a penny. Because this company is fraudulent.

How is the company fraud

The company is registered but its PAN number is not correct and the address given in it is also not correct. So friends, if the company is not right then any agreement given by it will not be valid. So nobody needs to be afraid of this. They will scare you a lot, but believe them they cannot do anything for you because their job is to earn money from people.

Some Common word By fraud company

  1. We have lodged an FIR against you.
  2. We will send the police to you.
  3. We will send a notice from the court here.
  4. You break the agreement, you have to pay 6000 rupees.
  5. Our lawyers will contact you soon.
  6. These types threaten even more.
We have talked to 900 people so far, according to them there are some lines which the fraud company often says. This type of threat can be in a different way. But we do not have to fear them. Because when we are right, then how is fear and all this is fraud. This is their job. Share this with all of you. You are nervous but don’t worry nothing will happen.

What should we do now brother?

  1. First of all give yourself a rest.
  2. When they get a call, talk to the Confidence, they don’t feel that you are afraid of them even a little bit.
  3. If he said that I am sending notice to you, then tell me that I am waiting too soon.
  4. Tell them not to call me again because I have more work.
  5. If possible, tell your housemates about it too.
  6. Save any PDF image message given by him in Google Drive.
  7. If you have any problem, then block their number.

Do you see this is my company or not?

Send the file so that we can tell you whether the job (fraud) you have received is correct or incorrect. Important


      1. Sir
        I have get call from them and they said that you have to pay the plenty fee 6500
        So… It is real or fake

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