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How to become an instructor

To become a Friend Instructor, you must first go to the Instructor Registration page. Fill in your detailed and complete the registration there. And wait for 3 working days. Friends, why would you make the biggest decision now and why would you choose the website of KAMALDNP. So there are many reasons for this, out of which I will mention some reasons here.

Reasons Number -1 (YouTube earning)

KAMALDNP website, you can publish all videos of your YouTube course on KAMALDNP website. And from where you can get more views on the videos in your YouTube channel. With this, your earnings will increase even more and you can earn more money in your AdSense account.

Reasons Number -2 (Sell Course)

Apart from this, you can keep the fixed price of your course and you can earn a lot of money by selling them, it will be very easy. How much money can you earn by selling a course? This is a good question and I explained it with a calculus. Suppose the fee for a course is 500 rupees and published this course and completed it in 10 days and it was purchased by 5 students. (Here is an estimate of 5 student bus), so the total money of 5 students is Rs 2000 in their 10 days and earn Rs 2000, how many students will buy this course in future, you do not know. So where you were earning 0 rupees in your house, you are earning 10,000 rupees every month. Going forward, you can earn it even bigger.

Reasons Number -3 (Gain additional knowledge

There is no doubt that knowledge increases by sharing knowledge. If you are making an education course, then your knowledge and intelligence is developing. Your studies you have done are also developing and the knowledge you have acquired is being revised.

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